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Qubec Skilled Worker
Skilled Worker applicants intending to reside in the Province of Quebec are selected based upon an additional set of criteria over and above what other applicants settling elsewhere in Canada have to fulfill. The Province of Quebec is responsible for this further selection process. Successful applicants destined to Quebec are issued a Quebec Certificate of Selection. They must then successfully complete medical and security examinations conducted by the Canadian government in order to be granted a Canadian Immigrant Visa.

Quebec's Immigration Selection System

To obtain permanent resident status in Canada through Quebec, a foreign applicant must:
• file an application for a selection certificate with the Quebec immigration authorities together with the processing fees payable to the Government of Quebec,
• satisfy the selection criteria applicable to the category in which he is applying.

These criteria are set to determine if he will be able to live and adapt himself successfully in Canada.

Scoring Points
To be considered, applicants must score a certain number of points under the Quebec immigration selection system. This awards points for training and education, with higher levels of education or training being worth more.

If you have previous work or study experience in Quebec, you could get bonus points. Abilities to speak both French (vital) and English can also grant you extra valuable points.

Your age is another important factor, with most points awarded to those between 18 and 35, and having a validated job offer will also count in your favour. Quebec immigration law also awards points for your spouse and for young age children.

Once the certificate of selection has been issued by the Quebec immigration authorities, the Canadian immigration authorities will issue, to the foreign applicant and to each of his/her accompanying dependants, a visa of permanent residency provided that the foreign applicant and each of his/her accompanying and non-accompanying dependants are not inadmissible in Canada for security or health.

Stage One: Quebec Selection
In the first stage, applicants must satisfy ONE of the following three tests:

1. They must have received assured employment in Quebec; OR
2. They must have at least six months of full-time work experience in an occupation that the Quebec Government has determined is in high demand of; OR
3. They must have at least six months of full-time experience in an occupation that the Quebec Government determines to be in demand and have a strong employability and mobility skills like work experience, education, language abilities, and ties to Quebec .

Under each of the above three tests, applicants must satisfy all of the minimum education and work-related requirements set out in the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) for their occupations.

(Applicants who are successful at this stage of the process will receive a Certificat de sélection du Québec. They can then proceed to stage two of the process.

Stage Two: CIC

Applicants who succeed in the first stage of selection must then apply for permanent residence in Canada. Applicants must submit their Certificat de sélection du Québec to CIC along with other forms and necessary documents. CIC then assesses the applicant based on Canadian Immigration standards. In addition, applicants will have to undergo the required medical examinations and security checks.

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