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  • Professional Career & Educational Advising
  • University and Course Selection
  • Admission Applications
  • Admission Processing

  • Student Immigration services


    • initial Opinion and Guidance by Highly Trained Staff
    • Visa Process, Documentation & Application Guidance

      Other Valuable Services to Students

  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Providing assistance  for part time and full time job placement
  • Pre-departure Briefings
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Arrival Assistance

    • Corporate Services to Universities


    • Following are the services offered by us to our respective partner universities.
    • Execution of Marketing / Recruitment Plan
    • Arrangements of On - Spot Admission Interviews
    • Travel and Accommodation Arrangement


      Languagist Services


    • IELTS Registration and Preparation
    • DELF 1 and 2 Registration and Preparation  with Alliance Frances teachers












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    Name: S.Ghazi
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    1: Good News! Sun is Offering Services For Immigration to Portugal. 2:  Sun is offering USA EB-5 Immigration Program. 3:"Breaking News, Canada opens up its skilled immigration under Express Entry". 4: Sun is offering Malaysia My Second Home Program. Good News: 15 points have been awarded for the Canadian sibling of principal applicant and spouse Good News, Express Entry points under skilled worker category were never as low as they are today. Please apply with full confidence”