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  • Professional Career & Educational Advising
  • University and Course Selection
  • Admission Applications
  • Admission Processing

  • Student Immigration services


    • initial Opinion and Guidance by Highly Trained Staff
    • Visa Process, Documentation & Application Guidance

      Other Valuable Services to Students

  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Providing assistance  for part time and full time job placement
  • Pre-departure Briefings
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Arrival Assistance

    • Corporate Services to Universities


    • Following are the services offered by us to our respective partner universities.
    • Execution of Marketing / Recruitment Plan
    • Arrangements of On - Spot Admission Interviews
    • Travel and Accommodation Arrangement


      Languagist Services


    • IELTS Registration and Preparation
    • DELF 1 and 2 Registration and Preparation  with Alliance Frances teachers












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    1:  Sun is offering USA EB-5 Immigration Program. 2:  "Breaking News, Canada opens up its skilled immigration under Express Entry" 3: Sun is offering Malaysia My Second Home Program.