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Who We Are:


Sun Development Foundation is a not for profit organization and is the social arm of Sun Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Our objective is to 'teach people how to catch a fish rather than give a fish, in a demand driven skill'.

Since 2004 we have been assisting deserving people (especially females) to acquire marketable skills allowing them to lead a dignified and peaceful life for themselves and hopefully for their generations to come.

Our key operating areas are:

  • Garment industry
       o Industrial Stitching Machine Operator
       o Garment industrial engineering
       o Plant management
       o Production planning
       o Merchandising & marketing
       o Q&A
       o R &D

  • Mobile phone repair

  • Laptop repairing

  • Make up artist

  • Diesel mechanic

  • Teachers training

  • CNG installation & repair

  • Physiotherapy

  • Nurses/careers etc.

  Major Partners

SDF is working with few state of the art institutions like:

  • STEVTA Govt. of Sindh                  
  • Senior Experten Service (SES Germany)
  • MITI 'Memon Industrial Training Institute'
  • Hunar Foundation                             
  • Amantech                                         
  • Family Education Services Foundation




How to donate

   Please make a cheque payable to 'Sun Development Foundation'. Sun Chamber: 139-Q
  PECHS Block 2, Kashmir Road, Karachi 74800, Pakistan.

   Donate through bank deposit:
  Title of Account: Sun Development Foundation
  Account Number: 105801010074205
  Bank: Muslim Commercial Bank, bahadurabad branch, Karachi [phone (0092-21) 34944510 / 34852844]
  Swift Code: MUCBPKKA

  • You can also send the donation through Western Union.

  Your support & commitment will be extremely heartening. God Bless You.


Name: S.Ghazi
Membership id: R411007
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